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L-Mesitran Active Large 3

L-Mesitran Active Large 3"x1.8" border dressing

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L-Mesitran Active Large medical grade honey containing dressing for minor, acute and chronic wounds. L-Mesitran Active Large is identical to the Border, but smaller and therefore ideal for small wounds and blisters at 3" x 1.8" in size.

(For professional wholesale pricing please contact us directly, must be a licensed medical provider to be eligible)

Active Large is sterile, semi-permeable wound dressings containing 30% honey, an acrylic polymer gel and water with a polyurethane film backing, with an adhesive border. 

The honey-hydrogel pad donates moisture to re-hydrate dry tissue, and is also able to absorb low to high levels of exudate to help maintain a moist environment conducive to healing. The film backing provides the dressing with bacterial barrier properties. The adhesive border from the Border allows the dressing to be fixed securely. This is useful when patients need to shower or bathe with the dressing in place.

  • Medical Grade Honey Hydrogel Dressing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Creates Optimal Moist Wound Healing Environment & Stimulates Wound Healing
  • Waterproof & Touch Compatible
  • Travel Size