Dynarex - Yankauer Suction Handle -straight tip - non-vented, 50/case



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Sterile suction tool to help effectively remove particulates and minimize tissue trauma.

The Dynarex Yankauer Suction Handles transparent material allows excellent visualization of fluid evacuation while the smooth inner surface maximizes flow. These Suction Tools are available in vented and non-vented models, both of which attach securely to the medical tubing via the ribbed connector, as well as with a straight tip or bulb tip. The bulb tip minimizes tissue trauma while removing particulates and viscous material. Dynarex Yankauer Handles offer a slip-resistant handle for increased operator confidence. Dynarex 32126 includes a 6 ft suction tube.

  • Sterile suction tool for removing particulates and viscous material
  • Bulb tip to minimize tissue trauma
  • Ribbed connector for secure attachment to suction tubing
  • Blue-tinted, transparent material with slip-resistant handle
  • Smooth inner surface for maximum flow
    • Vented and non-vented models
    • Not made with natural rubber latex


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