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Heart Sync - Cardiac Science AED Defibrillator Electrodes / Pads

Heart Sync - Cardiac Science AED Defibrillator Electrodes / Pads

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Experience the next generation of multifunction electrodes
HeartSync brings a 21-year track record of innovation to the field of arrhythmia management. We design, develop, manufacture and market a complete line of defibrillation electrodes for use in emergency cardiac life support and conduction studies of the heart. And, because electrodes are all we do, we’ve become best at what we do.

Simple, longer-lasting electrodes are finally here:

  • Longer Lasting - HeartSync pads offer a remarkable 36-month shelf life. 50% longer than other electrodes on the market today.
  • Direct Connection - HeartSync pads offer direct connection to all major defibrillators on the market, whether for hands-free defibrillation, automated external defibrillators, or external pacemakers.
  • Standardization - Our system can be utilized to standardize most makes and models of defibrillators to one connection. This helps reduce confusion and waste, while increasing patient safety.

Why HeartSync?

  • Significant cost saving.
  • 36-month shelf life, the longest on the market
  • Intuitive one-connector standardization
  • By far the longest lead wire on the market: 60 inches
  • Easy-to-open peel pouch packaging
  • Leads out package design
  • Color-coded pad placement system
  • Radiotransparent pads and lead wires offer unobstructed view
  • Adult and pediatric electrodes
  • Clear, user-friendly instructions on all materials