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L-Mesitran Medical Honey Hydro Dressing - 4

L-Mesitran Medical Honey Hydro Dressing - 4"x4"

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The Hydro is a border-less medical grade honey dressing for use on acute and chronic wounds. Hydro, is a sterile, semi-permeable wound dressing containing 30% honey, an acrylic polymer gel and water with a polyurethane film backing, without an adhesive border.

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The honey-hydrogel pad donates moisture to re-hydrate dry tissue, and is also able to absorb low to high levels of exudate to help maintain a moist environment conducive to healing. The film backing provides the dressing with bacterial barrier properties.


- pressure ulcers

- superficial and partial thickness burns

- venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers

- fungating wounds.

They are also indicated for acute wounds such as:

- donor sites

- surgical wounds

- cuts and abrasions