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Sharps Containers - Case Quantity

Sharps Containers - Case Quantity

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Sharps Containers. Compatible with BD, Kendall, Covidien brackets. 
  • Containers for used medical needles and other sharp medical instruments
  • Designed so needles can be dropped in the container without touching the outside
  • Commonly used in EMS, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors offices, etc.
  • Transparent lid allows for visual monitoring of contents to avoid overfilling
  • New Sharps ShaftTM is designed to hold syringes and conveniently fits into bags for EMS, fire and nursing personnel
  • Reorder No. 4624 - the 5.4qt container fits the Covidien/Kendall Wall Cabinet #85161H.
  • Reorder No. 4625 - the 5.4qt container fits a BD locking bracket (#305447)
  • Please note: Sharp container sizes indicated in the descriptions are for marketing purpose only and dimensional sizes should be verified as indicated in the dynarex sell sheet.
    BD is a registered trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company.
    Covidien/Kendall is a registered trademark of Medtronic©

    For information on sharps disposal, go to theResources Section and click on the safe needle disposal link.
  • EPA Disposal Guide
  • Safe Sharps Disposal Guide
  • Sharps Disposal Guide Spanish 
  • For more information related to where safety and non-safety needles can be sold, consult your local and or state regulations. Go to the Resources Section for the OSHA link.
    SharpsCrate Safe and Reliable for Long Transport
  • Used to provide a safe transport/transfer, reducing the possibility of accident or injury
  • Made with rugged, fluid resistant material
  • Easy use on difficult, uneven terrain
  • Holds up to 1500lbs
  • Features 6 handles per side, and one on either end.

    Item No. Description Quantity
    4622 Sharps Containers - 1qt. 60/cs
    4623 Sharps Containers - 2qt. 60/cs
    4624 Sharps Containers - 5qt. 20/cs
    4625 Sharps Containers - 5.4qt. 20/cs
    4626 Sharps Containers - 1gal. 24/cs
    4627 Sharps Containers - 2gal. 24/cs
    4628 Sharps Containers - 3gal. 12/cs
    4629 Sharps Containers - 6gal. 12/cs
    4630 Dynarex Sharps Shaft 24/cs
    4631 Dynarex Sharps Crate 40/cs