Tour Quick Lace Ankle Brace



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Designed to aid in chronic ankle instability and prevention of acute ankle sprains, the Tour Quick-Lace Ankle Brace is perfect for immobilization during rehabilitation as well as prophylactic use. The figure-8 design mimics ankle taping by providing inversion/eversion support. The wide elastic cuff closure provides added stability and compression, while the breathable tongue and heel help keep wearers cool and dry. Fits left or right foot.


  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Sprains and strains of the ankle
  • Prophylactic use


  • Lightweight breathable construction
  • Figure 8 design mimics ankle taping
  • Quick- lace design for easy application
Part #     Size
    CK-303-1     X-Small (up to 11" ankle)
    CK-303-2     Small (11"- 12" ankle)
    CK-303-3     Medium (12"- 13" ankle)
    CK-303-4     Large (13"- 14" ankle)
    CK-303-5     X-Large (14"+ ankle)


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