GoBioMed Expands to a New Warehouse Dedicated to Gloves

Posted by Carl Helka on

February 17, 2021

With the high demand for PPE caused by the pandemic and the raw material shortages for manufacturing nitrile gloves, we know the difficulty our customers have been experiencing finding gloves at a reasonable rate. However, after months of planning, hours of negotiations, and countless delays, the first container load of disposable nitrile gloves arrived today.  

Nitrile Glove Truck DeliveryGoBioMed Inc. has expanded warehouse operations, adding another warehouse to the current five warehouse operations designated explicitly to distribute disposable nitrile gloves.

A special thanks to Chad Parr for identifying and exploring the opportunity to distribute the StarMed Plus Nitrile gloves manufactured by Sempermed. After investing over a million dollars in delivering the first container, GoBioMed has finally secured a stable and consistent supply chain to serve our customers.

Currently, we have only imported medium and large sizes. However, we can now offer customers and other distributors large quantities of gloves. Pallet, truckload, and container quantities are now available. Call us at (248)666-0508, or email: orders@gobiomed.com for more information on large quantity orders.
Nitrile Glove Warehouse