Vaccination Syringes, Sharps Containers, and Nitrile Gloves are in stock

Posted by Adam Godin on

We have a huge supply of Vaccination Syringes, Sharps Containers, and Nitrile Gloves. Bulk quantities are available by quote, please email for a quote for your facility.

We have the hard to find 1"x25gx1cc syringes as well as 1"x25gx3cc syringe sets.

The Low dead-space syringes are critical to extract 6 doses from a single vial of Covid-19 vaccine. In order to ensure consistent withdrawal of 6 doses of 0.3 mL, it is important to adhere to minimizing volume loss during dose extraction.

The AQ-Inject™ Syringes are part of a low residual volume team of syringes. The AQ-Inject™ Syringes reduce the amount of vaccine which is left inside the syringe after the does is given. Less waste and more vaccine can be given to safe lives.

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