"Asheva" Bringing a Spa like Experience to Office Visits

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"Asheva" Bringing a Spa like Experience to Office Visits

Improve your patient's experience by offering them a refreshing pre or post-treatment experience with pre-scented, pre-moistened, single-use luxury towels.

First Class Dentist Office

It's no secret that many people dread visiting the doctor, and it's probably safe to assume that seeing a healthcare professional is not on anyone's wish list. Visits to a dentist or doctor are often regarded as unpleasant and distressing. Therefore, it is important to increase patient comfort and satisfaction. Dentists specifically have been making special efforts to increase patient satisfaction by ensuring the office is equipped with amenities to make their patient's visits as comfortable and relaxing as possible. This is why the single-use luxury refreshment towel has been so popular with them. The warm towel for patients to clean their faces after messy procedures are much appreciated.

GoBioMed encourages offices to offer patients a refreshing spa-like experience with Asheva's pre-scented, pre-moistened, single-use 100% cotton towels that can be served warm or cold to enhance the patient experience and improve the practice’s bottom line.

Asheva's refreshment towels come pre-scented with lemon or lavender essential oils. The introductions of scents especially the lavender can help to calm anxious patients. Creating a soothing experience that the guests just absolutely love.

Using Asheva's Cotton Hot / Cold Refreshment Towels will make your patients feel that they are in an upscale practice that values making them feel pampered. Differentiating your practice from the competition by offering first-class service.

The New and Improved Asheva - Cotton Hot / Cold Refreshment Towels

Asheva's Hot/ Cold Refreshment Towels

Granted refreshment hot/cold towels are not a revolutionary product and have been utilized in spa, yoga, and airline industries for years. However, we reached out to these industries to obtain valuable feedback on how we should manufacturer these towels to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

With this feedback, we have developed the Asheva - Cotton Hot / Cold Refreshment Towel. 

We have made the following changes to the product to ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction:

  • Increased the size of the towel to 8" x 9 " to ensure the same storage requirements and allow for a thicker and softer towel construction.
  • Increased the towel weight to 8g to ensure a higher thread count, and softer material that is more absorbent.
  • Infused the towels with natural essential oils of either lemon or lavender.
  • Improved the packaging to reduce the escape of moisture, ensuring an adequately moist towel.
  • Ensured that the packaging is still easy to open.



All of this with the #1 goal in mind :

No More Dried Out Towels!

Don't take our word for it. We challenge you to compare Asheva today.

Asheva's Towel Comparison