GBM is Empowering Patient Care with Convenient Financial Sollutions

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Putting Financial Decisions in the Hands of Patients, Not Insurers or Banks!

Insurance shouldn't dictate care and neither should the banks. Let your patient make the choice for themselves with GBM's partner platform. 

At GoBioMed, we are committed to offering healthcare providers innovative  solutions that prioritize patient care. This continues after the patient leaves the office with payment and financial flexibility. Our partner platform provides multiple distinct payment options designed to simplify and consolidate patient payments while offering affordable financing solutions.

  • One Platform – Non-Recourse Term Loans: Healthcare providers can offer patients a non-recourse term loan that comes with no risk to the provider. Providers enjoy the convenience of next business day payout and point-of-sale approval, allowing them to access the funds they need quickly while offering thier patients the care they deserve. Additionally, patients are charged interest on the loan, making it a flexible and manageable option for providers.
  • Installment Plan – Advanced (Recourse): This payment solution allows healthcare providers to determine lending limits based on their own financials. Patients benefit from next business day payout and can access funds drawn on a commercial line of credit. This option provides a balance between provider control and patient convenience.


  • Installment Plan: With this payment option, healthcare providers have full control over product configurations. Patients enjoy the convenience of next business day payout while providers can tailor the payment plan to suit their specific needs. This flexibility ensures a seamless and efficient payment experience for both parties.
  • Single Payments: Our partner platform consolidates collections into one enterprise-level platform, providing visibility into collection activity throughout the month. This streamlined approach simplifies the payment process and ensures transparency for providers and patients alike.



Unlock the Future of Patient Payments with a Flexible and Digital Experience.

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