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Give your clients the ultimate experience in comfort with Asheva's refreshment towels. Asheva's white towels are single-use, 100% Cotton Towels that are served moist as a cold or hot towel. These white refreshment towels are rolled and scented with either lemon or lavender essential oils. These towels can be a key component for offering your clients a superior luxury experience that sets you above the rest.

When we decided to manufacture superior luxury refreshment towels for our dentist and spa customers, we wanted insight into the current competition.  That's why we teamed up with current refreshment towel distributors to provide valuable insight. Ensuring that we provide the best possible experience with these white towels.

These pre-moistened towels are popular with dental offices, hotels, hair salons, yoga studios, spas, golf courses, high-end restaurants, event venues, and many more. Even for home entertaining for use before or after a meal, the demand for pre-moistened hot/cold towels is infinitely growing!  

Key Improvements to the Competition:

  • Thicker and Softer
  • Long-lasting moisture.  No More Dried-Out Towels!
  • Easy to open
To make a thicker and softer towel that better retains moisture, we've increased the size from 8"x8" to 8"x9" while increasing the weight to 8g, which means no more dried-out towels!


    Improved packaging to ensure longer shelf life without drying out and ensuring that the package is easy to open.


    • Material: 100% Cotton
    • Size: 8"" x 9""
    • Scents: Lemon or Lavender
    • Made with Essential oils
    • Single-Use - rolled and individually packaged
    • Serve cold or hot. Microwave safe.
    • Environmentally friendly, bio-degradable

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