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Unisex compression knee-high Anti-embolism stockings with graduated compression (18-21 mmHg) create sufficient pressure to walls of the surface and deep veins of legs to prevent blood stagnation and to direct blood circulation to the heart.  The graduated compression stockings reduce the risk of DVT and are proven to increase safety during any surgery.  DVT is the formation of a blood clot (thrombus) within a deep vein, primarily in the legs. DVT is considered a major health risk for patients confined to a bed in a hospital, which lowers the blood flow in the legs, which may cause blood clotting. If the clot separates, it can travel to the lungs, called Pulmonary Embolism– PE, and the consequences can be fatal. LIPOELASTIC’s compression stockings have an easy access toe opening that allows for the inspection of pedal pulse

  • The stockings are permeable and pleasant to the skin.
  • The stockings are made of materials resistant to oils and ointments.
  • The stockings do not cause adverse effects.
  • The rim variant is designed for mobile patients with the rim preventing the stocking from rolling down.
  • The knit strips with letters „b“ or „d“ clearly mark measuring positions of the extremity girth.
  • The knit numbers and sizes marked with letters facilitate product identification.
  • The easily exposable toe tips facilitate circulation impact checks.

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When should I use the Lipothrombo AD Knee-High Compression Stockings?
  • Recommended using during any type of surgery and hospitalization to increase safety and reduce the risk of DVT.

Who should use the Lipothrombo AD Knee-High Compression Stockings?

  • For immobile patients prior to, during, and after surgery
  • For mothers immediately prior to and after child delivery
  • For other immobile patients in lying position
  • For people who have undergone liposuction of knees


    • Material composition: 90 % POLYAMIDE, 10 % ELASTANE

    Product Use

    Product Care

    • Do not use fabric softeners.
    • Beware of sharp objects (nails, jewelry) when dressing the product, they can damage the product.
    • Do not pull up the stocking by the edge at once, but pull it gradually from the ankle with both hands.
    Lipoelastic Wash Instructions