Dynarex - Flat bottom Ink Cups



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Enables you to place your ink cup directly on the work surface without the need for an ink cup stand.

Dynarex Ink Cups are designed with the needs of tattoo artists and shops in mind. The Ink Cups have afloat bottom and hold pigment or ink allowing for placement directly on a work surface without the need of an ink cup stand. The Ink Cups are non-sterile and transparent for a better view of ink color.

  • Used to hold pigment or ink
  • Flat bottom
  • Transparent to allow a better view of the ink color
Re. No. Product Name Qty./Box Box/Case
2174 Ink Cups - Flat bottom 11 mm - Small 1000 10
2175 Ink Cups - Flat bottom 14 mm - Medium 1000 10
2176 Ink Cups - Flat bottom 17mm- Large 1000 10
2177 Ink Cups - Flat bottom 20mm - XLarge 500 10

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