GBM - Cast Sock - Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Adjustable Closed Toe Cast Cover, Fits Virtually Any Leg, Ankle, or Foot Cast



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The GoBioMed cast sock is a must-have for anyone with a broken or injured foot. Our cast covers are made from a sturdy polar fleece that can withstand significant use while providing comfort and breathability while being worn, protecting your toes from the elements. It has a bottom coated with tacky rubber to provide traction on a variety of floor surfaces and reduce the risk of becoming unsteady and falling.

Our design features an adjustable nylon strap on the back to fit any size cast, as well as elasticized openings at the top to allow easy access to your feet. The cover is one size fits most due to its give and stretchiness.

  • Keep your toes warm and safe: Before, if you had a cast on your foot, ankle, or leg, it was challenging to find something that would warm and protect your toes. Instead of trying to make do with a temporary solution, invest in our purpose-built option that will take care of both protecting and warming your extremities.
  • Our cast socks are one size fits most due to the give and stretchiness of the fleece construction and the adjustable nylon strap on the back, made to adjust to any cast size. The cast sock measures 8" X 6". Available in 3 Stylish Colors!
  • Anti-Slip Tread: One of the last things you need while healing an injury is a fall. Our bottom, coated with tacky rubber, provides traction on a multitude of floor surfaces to help reduce the risk of becoming unsteady and falling.
  • These cast socks are a great choice for anybody who wants to be protected from the elements daily. They will accumulate dirt and odors as time goes by. Therefore they're an excellent investment. Our 2-pack ensures that you'll never be without a sock. Our 2-pack offers outstanding value whether you keep one at home and one at work or both at home for periodic washing. The casts are NOT Included. If you have any concerns about this item, please contact us through our seller account before buying it.



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