ACTion Fuser PainPump - 400ml Reservoir, 5-15 ml/hr, 140 mm cut-to-size Catheter, 6" Introducer, Prosit


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Action Fuser Pain Pump is a disposable,LATEX FREE pain pump that is mainly designed to give consistent and customized pain therapy through surgical site infiltration therapy (SSI).

The ability and simplicity to fit the catheter infusion segment to the actual incision length together with the ability to set the infusion strategy parameters to gain an efficient saturation along the entire incision is a major advantage of Action™ Fuser Pain Pump over other pain therapy alternatives.

ACTion Fuser Pain Pump
  • Latex FREE
  • Performance and features common to electrical models in a 100% mechanical pump.  
  • Ability to fit the catheter infusion segment to the actual incision site.
  • Full flexibility to set & adjust infusion parameters such as: flow rate, reservoir volume and bolus volume to achieve the optimal nerve block with sufficient saturation along the entire incision to suit the needs of the individual patient.
  • Reduces cost and minimizes inventory needs due to a high level of flexibility and modularity.
  • Reduces post-operative pain and related need of follow-up assistance from health care personnel.
  • Ambu Regulator Technology allows for consistent flow patterns and the ability to refill the reservoir.
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