Dynarex -Aluminum Crutches



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The Dynarex Aluminum Crutches are a light, durable option for those who need a short or long-term mobility aid. These crutches are designed with non-skid rubber tips and crutch-bow ends, these crutches will help prevent further injury, while providing support to get around comfortably.

Dynarex Aluminum Crutches are standard, lightweight crutches providing stability and durability. Inclusive of underarm pads and hand-grips, providing extra comfort when in use. The tool-free design allows for a push-button height adjustment, in 1-inch increments to better match the user’s height, as well as adjustable hand grips to ensure a proper fit. The Aluminum Crutches are also fully equipped with crutch-bow ends, preventing slipping when climbing stairs and helping increase stress tolerance at all angles without causing cracks. The durable construction ensures the ability to hold up to 300 pounds.

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum with push-button height adjustments.
  • Crutch-bow ends prevent slipping when climbing stairs and help increase stress tolerance at all angles without cracking.
  • Non-skid rubber tips provide good traction.
  • Comfortable, durable underarm pad and hand grip.