Comfortland Ankle Gauntlet



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Designed to help increase blood flow and provide pain relief for patients with diabetes, neuropathy, and arthritis, the Comfortland ankle gauntlet features a non-slip sole for stability as well as a single strap closure for easy application and adjustment. While providing moderate ankle support, the CK-319 is lightweight, easy to use, and has been known to increase the wearer’s foot temperature by 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Poor blood circulation
  • Pain in the feet


  • Non-slip sole for stability
  • Single strap closure
  • Increases foot temperature 2-3 degrees
Part #     Size
    CK-319-2     Small (M up to 6, W 4- 6)
    CK-319-3     Medium (M 6- 8, W 7- 9)
    CK-319-4     Large (M 9- 11, W 10- 12)
    CK-319-5     X-Large (M 12+, W 13 +)