CoPilot VL®+ Video Laryngoscope Starter Kit (with or without Pole Clamp)

Dilon Technologies


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  • 1 Display Unit
  • 1 Video Laryngoscope Handle
  • 1 Power/Charging Cord
  • 1 Instructions for Use
  • 1 Rigid Stylet

*** Optional: IV Pole Clamp/Mount (additional charge) ***

Turning the corner for patients.

A video laryngoscope can maximize your likelihood of first-pass success. Help eliminate a subsequent intubation attempt that increases the risk for patient trauma. A better view, less force, and cost effective enough to be used for all intubations. 

Get it right the first time. Every time!

  • Portable
    • Mounts to any IV pole; small enough to easily go with you where you need it; ER, ICU, Cath lab. Detachable display with kickstand also allows for placement on a tabletop or patient chest.
  • Affordable.
    • 1/5 the cost of other systems. Cost effective disposable sheaths provide the best value for daily use. Rechargeable battery avoids expensive ongoing battery replacement.
  • Easy to use
    • Instant-on, bright LEDs, high resolution display, and magnified view of the glottis facilitates intubation. Two ways to intubate: stylet or bougie port.
  • Patented Bougie Port.
    • Integrated c-shaped channel guides the bougie through the vocal cords. Turn the corner. The first time. Every time. Have you ever had a great view of the vocal cords but you just can’t get the tube to go around the corner? CoPilot VL®+ solves that problem with Dilon's patented Bougie Port option.
    • Anatomical curve helps get the best view of the glottis with minimal force.
    • Antifog coating keeps your view