DynaLevin Waterproof Adhesive Bordered Foam Dressing



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A sterile, foam with waterproof outer layer and adhesive border used to maintain a moist healing environment, while helping keep contaminants out.

Dynarex’s DynaLevin Waterproof Adhesive Foam Dressing maintains a sterile, comfortable, warm, moist wound environment to help protect against contamination, reduce pain and promote faster healing. The dressing is designed with an absorbent polyurethane foam and waterproof adhesive backing preventing bacterial contamination.

  • Made of absorbent foam with waterproof outer layer and adhesive border that adheres easily to skin, helping to keep contaminants out to accelerate healing.
  • Medium absorbency dressing used to provide an optimal, moist wound healing environment for exuding wounds.
  • Primary or secondary dressing used to manage chronic and acute wounds at stages 2, 3, and 4.