DynaRest Airfloat Plus 48"x80" Bariatric Air Mattress w/Pump



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The DynaRest Airfloat Deluxe Air Mattress combines low air loss and alternating pressure in one user friendly unit. The air flow and pressure range can be customized based on the patient’s level of comfort, while the static mode allows for a firm support during repositioning or transfers.

The DynaRest Airfloat Plus Air Mattress combines dual therapies of low air loss and alternating pressure in one unit used to treat pressure wounds. Inclusive of 20 10-inch cells that allow for deep submersion and pressure redistribution to be customized by a patient’s weight. The controlled air mattress automatically readjust airflow for optimal performance and comfort allowing 4 cycle times (10, 15, 20 and 25-minutes) to customize patient comfort and therapy. The low air loss provides air circulation with 18 laser cut holes to prevent heat and moisture build up as it protects the skin. An optional raised foam safety perimeter decreases the risk of falls and increase overall patient safety by providing a firm foundation for entry and exit.

  • Alternating pressure mattress replacement system provides alternating pressure.
  • 20 10-inch deep air cells with cell-on-cell technology allows mattress to remain partially inflated in case of power failure.
  • 18 laser holes provide low air loss and keeps the patient cool and dry.
  • Digital pressure control allows for 10, 15, 20 and 25-minute cycle times to customize patient comfort and therapy adjustments.
  • CPR valve allows for rapid deflation.
    • 3 modes: Alternating cycle, static mode and seat function. In case of low pressure, an indicator will illuminate on the pump and an alarm with sound.