Dynarex - Geri Chair Infinite Position Recliner



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This Dynarex Infinite Position Geri Chair is designed to offer patients comfort and stability, as well as maximum flexibility. Constructed with a neutral-colored steel frame, inclusive of removable side panels it is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Shifting into four positions - a TV and full recline, as well as Trendelenburg and full upright which are operated by a gas cylinder control.

The Dynarex Infinite Position Geri Chair Recliner offers comfort and durability to patients in hospitals, clinics or assisted living facilities. With maximum flexibility, this chair shifts into four positions - a full recline, TV, Trendelenburg and full upright. The Trendelenburg and full recline are operated by a gas cylinder control which can only be attained by the patients and has a release handle for a quick position adjustment. The neutral-colored steel frame has side panels that remove allowing for easy an easy clean and maintenance. The built-in headrest and wide, comfortable, padded arm rests were constructed at an angle to provide support, even in a reclined position.

  • Gas cylinder release handle for quick position adjustment - controls full recline and Trendelenburg.
  • 4-positions: upright, TV, full recline and Trendelenburg.
  • Wide armrests are angled to provide support in any reclined position and comfortable built-in headrest.
  • Large, blow-molded tray locks in 5 positions.
  • Retractable lock bar securing the chair in desired position.
    • Neutral-colored, sturdy steel frame is easy to clean and maintain.
    • Moisture barrier on the vinyl seat prevents seepage.