Dynarex - Labjacket with Pockets



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Protective jacket to cover everyday clothing and protect from spills, fluids, and other materials without interfering in the caregiver's work. Built to last, priced to be disposable.

The Dynarex Disposable Lab Jackets are made of a breathable non-woven polypropylene material which is tear, puncture and penetration resistant. These Lab Jackets are durable and reusable but priced economically to be disposed of when soiled.

  • Waist-length with snap closures
  • Breathable SMS material provides greater comfort and protection
  • Fits over your everyday clothes
  • Provides lightweight dirt and liquid resistance
  • Durable and reusable but priced economically to allow convenient disposal whenever necessary
    • Elastic sleeves ensure complete wrist protection from spills
    • Semi-transparent
      • Not made with natural rubber latex