Dynarex - Shower Chair with Removable Back and Arms



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The Dynarex Shower Chair with Removable Arms is stable and comfortable to improve your bathing experience.

The Dynarex Shower Chair with Removable Back and Arms is made of durable blow-molded plastic, with a lightweight corrosion proof aluminum frame and armrest that can be conveniently removed. The shower chair has angled legs that are easily assembled with the tool-free design, complete with rubber tips for added stability during use. The seat has holes to allow for drainage to reduce the risk of slipping during use.

  • Lightweight, durable, corrosion proof aluminum frame with blow-molded plastic seat featuring drainage holes for overall user stability.
  • Back and armrests are removable.
  • Tool-free assembly of angled legs complete with rubber tips.
  • Removable back and height adjustable legs with specialty collar allowing the legs to be customized and removed without readjustments.