Dynarex - Single-Sided Slipper Socks, 48/case



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Dynarex Soft Single-Sided Slippers feature rubber grippers to prevent slips and falls. The slippers are made of soft, terrycloth fabric to keep feet warm, dry, and comfortable. Ideal for patients in a variety of clinical and long-term care facilities.

Dynarex Soft Single-Sided Slippers are covered with anti-skid rubber grippers to prevent patient falls. The rest of the slippers are made of comfortable fabric to keep feet warm and dry.

  • Anti-slip surface with traction helps prevent patient falls
  • Constructed of soft, lightweight, stretchable fabric (71% Polyester, 29% Spandex).
  • Elastic band helps ensure snug fit
  • Ideal for patients in hospitals post-surgery, nursing and retirement homes