Dynarex - Sterile Intermittent Catheter, 50/case



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High quality construction, smooth tip and funnel, and two large opposing eyes ensures consistency of use and patient care.

Dynarex Sterile Intermittent Catheters are designed with offset polished eyelets and straight tips for comfort and painless insertion. The Intermittent Catheters are made from a medical grade PVC that is latex free and come in color coded sizes for easy identification. Available in a choice of male or female sizes.

  • Straight tip
  • Color-coded for size visualization
  • Medical grade PVC
  • Manage bladder drainage in cases of urinary retention, bladder obstruction, paralysis or loss of sensation
  • Offset polished eyelets to maximize urine flow
    • Individually sealed in easy-open, peel-strip
    • Not made with natural rubber latex