Dynarex - Toilet Safety Rail, Adjustable Height



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The Dynarex Toilet Safety Rails with Adjustable Height are stable, comfortable, durable rails that remain supportive and convenient.

The Dynarex Safety Toilet Rail is constructed of a heavy-duty, durable steel frame, proving a sturdy support to any individuals with difficulty sitting or standing. The Safety Toilet Rail fits around most standard and elongated toilets, attaching directly to the toilet. They are also equipped with a push button width adjustment and 1-inch height increments, to raise and lower the rail height to safely accommodate any individual, as well as, padded armrests for added comfort.

  • Heavy-duty, durable steel frame provides a stable support for individuals.
  • Fits around and attaches directly to most toilets.
  • Prevents accidental falls in a bathroom environment.
  • Push button width adjustments in 2 positions.
  • Height adjustments, raising or lowering the rail height to accommodate any individual safely.
    • Cushioned hand grips.