Fearless Tattoo Cartridges - Magnum



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Fearless Tattoo Cartridges - Magnum

Dynarex Fearless Tattoo Cartridges are manufactured to meet the quality and performance needs by providing artists with sharp, durable needles with membrane system, while offering the clean needle penetration and preventing ink back flow.

The Fearless Tattoo Cartridge line included a casing which is constructed of medical grade plastic and utilizes a membrane system, preventing ink back flow and contamination. The Fearless Tattoo Cartridge needle groupings have been crafted from surgical stainless steel, clean soldering and have been sharpened to a razor-sharp point, allowing for clean needle penetration to provide the highest possible precision. The cartridge line includes Round Liners, Tight Round Liners, Round Shaders, Magnums and Curved Magnums and has the appropriate size imprinted on the casing for easy identification after being removed from the packaging.

  • Cartridge casing has imprinted sizes on casing for easy identification and utilizes a membrane system, preventing ink back flow and contamination
  • Consistent needle groupings and razor-sharp point for clean needle penetration and precision
  • Each needle cartridge is sterilized and individually wrapped in blister packs with an EO gas proof strip indicator
  • Needle Size: #12 Needle (0.35mm needle diameter) and #10 Needle (0.30mm needle diameter); Needle Type: Round Liner, Tight Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum and Curved Magnum

General Information:

Needle Grouping Magnum
Needle Taper AB
Taper Size (mm) 3
Textured (Y/N) No
Needle Hub Color Orange

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