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GBM's Nebulizer Machine, Portable Jet Nebulizer for Breathing Issues, Compressor Steam Inhaler for Kids and Infants for Home or While Traveling.

Compression nebulizers work by using compressed air to create airflow through tiny nozzles. This airflow generates negative pressure, forcing the liquid to be sprayed onto a barrier and splash into the surrounding area. As a result, the droplets become very fine particles that are ejected from the outlet. GBM's Pediatric Compressor Nebulizers are designed to make it easier for caretakers to manage respiratory disorders in children. They are practical and come in child-friendly designs. They convert prescribed medication into an aerosol mist of microscopic droplets that can be easily inhaled. The SVN (Small Volume Nebulizers) are quiet and do not contain natural rubber latex. The nebulizers also come with two masks that infants and children can use.

  • This nebulizer is an excellent choice for home use. You can nebulize liquids and inhale them for effective nebulization at home. It's ideal for people who need to use it multiple times daily and can be used anywhere and anytime. The nebulizer is lightweight and portable, and its design is perfect for kids who face breathing difficulties while at home or traveling.
  • Small Volume Nebulizer (SVN) - Designed for children with a mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) of 2.0μm and a partial size under 5μm. & 60%.
  • This nebulizer uses compressed-air technology to provide a large nebulization capacity, making inhalation faster and more effective with a 10mL medication capacity and a nebulation rate of .2mL/min.
  • Inside the Box: 1 x Child Mask, 1x Infant Mask, 1 x Inhalation Mouthpiece, 1 x T-connector, 1 x Nebulizer Bottle, 5 x air filter, 1 x Extra Long Inhalation, User manual, Retail box
  • Warranty - 3-year limited warranty. Return your money in full, Free replacement, for any reason. Buy it without hesitation.

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