LimbO - Childrens Full Arm Waterproof Cast Cover



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The Children's Full Arm Waterproof Protector from GoBioMed Inc is your choice for a durable yet gentle waterproof cast and dressing cover.

We use a gentle band of neoprene to make a water tight seal that does not strangle your child's arm. 

The LimbO Waterproof protector is for children with casts or dressings that require a covering for the whole arm.  This LimbO protector will seal just above the top of the cast and can be fully submerged.

Sizing recommendations: 

Size Length Arm Cir. Max Cast Cir  Weight/Height Range
Ages 11-13 Yrs 22" 10" - 13" 16" Average for Age
Ages 8-10 Yrs 22" 6" - 9" 13" Average for Age
Ages 6-7 Yrs 18" 6" - 9" 13" Average for Age
Ages 4-5 Yrs 16" 6" - 9" 11" Average for Age


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