Plastic Headrest Covers - Tattoo & Dental Barrier Protection



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Plastic Headrest Covers

Dynarex Dental-Tattoo Plastics, for all your hygienic needs in the tattoo and dental markets.

Dynarex Headrest Covers lay flat against the headrest, providing an impervious barrier between patient and headrest reducing the need for disinfectant use.

  • Lays flat on headrest and provides impervious barrier between the patient and the Headrest
  • This cover protects headrest on operatory chair from damaging effects of surface disinfectants such as cracking or fading

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Flexible or Rigid Flexible

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2153 Plastic Headrest Covers - Medium 9.5" x 11" 250 12
2154 Plastic Headrest Covers Large 9.5" x 14" 250 12