Dynarex - Oxygen Concentrator (5L)



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The Dynarex Oxygen Concentrator is a supplemental oxygen device used to relieve breathing difficulties. Ideal for a variety of professional healthcare facilities such as retirement homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and more.

The Dynarex Oxygen Concentrator supplies additional oxygen to individuals with difficulty breathing. Users can customize oxygen flow with the adjustable flow knob. Works in conjunction with easily attached nasal cannulas (33121-33110) that hook over the ears and under the nose for easy inhalation.

  • Supplies oxygen directly through a nasal cannula
  • Equipped with an audible power failure alarm
  • Indicator lights notify users of pressure, flow, and oxygen irregularities
  • Oxygen Purity: 95%-87% at all flow rates
  • Flow Range: 0.5-5 LPM
    • Quiet operation levels and adjustable screen brightness
    • Top handle and four rolling castors allow for easy transport
      • For individual use indoors only
      • Compare Dynarex Oxygen Concentrator to Companion 5 ™ by Caire or Perfect O2™ by Invacare