Dynarex - Suction Unit with Base



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The Dynarex Suction Unit is a professional-grade medical suction device used to remove excess mucus and fluid from the sinuses, throat, and lungs to provide superior respiratory care. The Dynarex Suction Unit is frequently used at home and in a wide range of healthcare facilities; including hospice care facilities, retirement homes, hospitals, and more.

Dynarex Suction Units are professional-grade medical suction devices used to remove excess mucus and fluid from airways. Dynarex Suction Units are ideal for respiratory care treatment in both clinical and homecare settings.

  • Combines power, durability, and ease of operation for institutional and homecare use
  • Includes 800 cc. collection cannister, 6’ suction tube, 10” cannister tubing, hydrophobic filter, plastic elbow connector, and manual
  • Unit features automatic overflow protection
  • Vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg
  • Plastic base hold unit firmly in place
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