Lipoelastic LIPOTHROMBO AD Knee-High Compression Stockings



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Compression: 18-21 mmHg – Moderate Compression

Colors Available: White

What are they for?

  • To increase safety of surgery interventions
  • Prophylaxis of thrombosis for immobile patients
  • To prevent blood stagnation and to direct the blood stream towards the heart
  • To create sufficient pressure on the walls of the surface and the deep veins of the lower extremities

Who can they benefit?

  • Immobile patients before, during and after surgery
  • Mothers immediately before and after child delivery
  • Other immobile patients
  • People who have undergone liposuction of knees


  • Permeable and pleasant to the skin
  • Made of materials resistant to oils and ointments
  • Will not cause adverse effects
  • The rim variant is designed for mobile patients with the rim preventing the stocking from rolling down.
  • The knit strips with letters "b" or "d" clearly mark measuring positions of the extremity girth.
  • The knit numbers and sizes marked with letters facilitate product identification.
  • The easily exposable toe tips facilitate circulation impact checks.


  • 25% ELASTANE

***Please see the sizing guides in Images for measurement information


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