Lipoelastic Scar Treatment Gel, 10g



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Are you planning on having breast surgery and are worried about unpleasant scars? Even though a scar is a natural healing process of the skin, you can speed up the healing process and improve the appearance of scars. Paying attention to scars during post-operative care should not be overlooked.


When should I use LIPOELASTIC gel?

  • Ideal for use for scars after breast surgery, abdominoplasty, after liposuction, after a facelift, after cesarean delivery, burn scars, scars on the face, keloid piercing scars, keloid tattoo scars
  • Designed for reduction and aesthetic improvement of scars after surgery, injury, or burns

    Product description
  • Silicone gel enriched with vitamin E proven to treat scars
  • The gel is effective to new and old scar tissue
  • Fast-drying silicone gel
  • Enriched with vitamin E, which helps to regenerate the skin
  • High compatible silicone generation ingredients
  • Reduces redness and itching, prevents the formation of keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Creates fine protective matt layer on the skin
  • The healing effect of silicone gel on scars is clinically proven
  • LIPOELASTIC gel is made in France
  • French production of cosmetic and dermatological products is a guarantee of top quality.


  • 10 g

How to use LIPOELASTIC gel?

  • It’s essential to follow the long-term regular application
  • Recommended treatment lasts 8-16 weeks, depending on progress, permanent improvement is noticed after this period
  • It’s essential to wash the scar and apply silicone gel every 12 hours
  • Do not use LIPOELASTIC gel on non-healed, open wounds

It’s been proven that regular massage significantly helps turn scarred tissue into healthy tissue. You can start massaging about two weeks after the surgery or when the wound is healed.

To massage your scars, only use 100% silicone base products as it is a clinically proven method for scars management. Silicone softens, lightens, and evens out scars.

Did you know that a combination of silicone gel and medical compression eliminates the formation of keloid scars?